Instant loan without a permanent job

  According to the current definition, an instant loan is paid out within just two bank working days after the online loan application. This period is necessary for the receipt of the Postident confirmation. It can be reduced to one day by financial institutions licensed in neighboring countries such as Luxembourg, where a photocopy of […]

What is the total cost of a cash loan

The total cost of the cash loan is the sum of many elements. The full amount to be returned to the bank or loan company depends, among others on the amount borrowed, interest, duration of the loan, additional fees charged by the financial institution. The total cost of credit is the first parameter that should […]

Credit Search – Advantages of comparison online

In private as well as in business life, you can unexpectedly find yourself in a situation of having to make an expensive purchase, which is why a loan search is necessary. It can be a new car, the TV breaks, the laptop has to be replaced, but there are also bigger wishes like your own […]

Can you Finance a Car While Training

As a basic security, the training contract is already recognized by lessors and lenders. The next three years are financially secure in this case. Also the question is what you can offer the bank as collateral. I advise: save and then buy the car. If you are still in education, it is not easy to […]

Car loan comparison – car loans from 1.9% p.a.

Statistics indicate that about 80 percent of all car buyers borrow to finance their new or used car. It is not always about full financing. Often, only a certain percentage of the purchase price is needed to purchase a new vehicle. It is possible to take the car loan directly from the dealer and his […]

Car loan repayment – fast & cheap solutions

The closing rate is approaching or you as a self-employed want to buy your leasing vehicle? Do you want to repost your car loan ? But maybe you also want to sell the vehicle and trigger the letter? Many good reasons advise rescheduling. But, who is the right contact person? With about 5 minutes reading […]

Three advantages you should consider about car loans

Car loan When buying a car, the option to apply for a loan is one of the most feasible and for which more Colombians are encouraged. Despite having the option to buy it in cash, the credits are specialized products that have different advantages and in this case, these are four of the main ones: […]

Financing the car purchase step by step

Let’s assume that we chose our dream car. The first decision we have to make is how to finance it. Of course, the easiest method is to look into your own savings and pay a certain amount. However, not everyone can count on it, which means that these funds will have to be borrowed. Again, […]