How to calculate the mortgage installment?

A mortgage decision is one of those you usually take once in your life. It would be comfortable to make your dreams come true and achieve your goals, which can be building a house or buying an apartment. So, how to prepare for formalities related to the mortgage and how to calculate its installment? You […]

Instant loan without a permanent job

  According to the current definition, an instant loan is paid out within just two bank working days after the online loan application. This period is necessary for the receipt of the Postident confirmation. It can be reduced to one day by financial institutions licensed in neighboring countries such as Luxembourg, where a photocopy of […]

What is the total cost of a cash loan

The total cost of the cash loan is the sum of many elements. The full amount to be returned to the bank or loan company depends, among others on the amount borrowed, interest, duration of the loan, additional fees charged by the financial institution. The total cost of credit is the first parameter that should […]

Credit Search – Advantages of comparison online

In private as well as in business life, you can unexpectedly find yourself in a situation of having to make an expensive purchase, which is why a loan search is necessary. It can be a new car, the TV breaks, the laptop has to be replaced, but there are also bigger wishes like your own […]