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Make your dreams come true with a personal credit

Make your dreams come true with a personal credit

A new salon with leather seats, a long journey, a wedding, a caravan or unexpected expenses. A personal credit is the ideal solution to spread your costs. You repay a limited fixed amount every month. For example, an installment credit does not have to weigh heavily on your monthly budget while your dream becomes reality.

A customized personal credit

A customized personal credit

With a personal credit (installment credit) you can borrow an amount between 2,500 and 100,000 USD and pay off at your own pace. An installment loan with the Good Finance is very flexible: you determine the amount and the repayment term yourself. The term varies from 24 to 84 months. After the last repayment, your personal loan has been fully repaid. In addition to this credit, you can also opt for other types of credit, such as a green credit, a home loan, a revolving credit or a car loan if you are going to buy a car.

What you definitely want to know about an installment loan

What you definitely want to know about an installment loan

  • A personal credit is intended for all purposes.
  • Upon approval, you will receive the total loan amount at once. Afterwards you repay a fixed monthly amount for a predetermined number of months.
  • The fixed monthly amount consists of part of the repayment of the borrowed capital and part of interest on the residual debt.
  • The term and interest cannot be changed during the loan agreement.
  • The interest on an installment loan is higher than for a mortgage loan due to the lack of collateral, and lower than for a revolving loan due to the absence of interest rate risk.
  • As a borrower, you are legally protected. Therefore, as a lender, we are required to verify your loan history with the CKP and we must not exceed the maximum interest rate set by the government. This maximum interest can be adjusted annually.

Apply for your personal loan online: fast and discreet

Apply for your personal loan online: fast and discreet

  • With the online credit simulator you can quickly and easily calculate the amount of your monthly payment for your personal credit.
  • Once you have found the desired calculation, please fill in the application form.
  • Do you have any questions? Contact us for a no-obligation consultation.

Good Finance handles your file quickly and in complete discretion.


Loan despite credit bureau entry at no extra cost

A serious and affordable loan can be found online despite the credit bureau entry and there are no upfront costs and is suitable for paying important bills, for new purchases or pending repairs. There is no fixed amount, since the lenders also orientate themselves to the wishes of the applicants when it comes to loans without a credit bureau examination. Of course, collateral plays an overriding role and helps to get a positive decision after application.

Pay no upfront costs

Pay no upfront costs

At the private credit intermediary, applicants can find the right loan for all claims and ideas. Independent credit brokers mainly work with foreign banks, but also with private donors and thus have the opportunity to find an adequate loan for all performances despite credit bureau entry without any upfront costs. The brokerage offer is free of charge and does not require the applicant to pay the agent in advance and pay fees before the loan has been paid out.

A reputable and trustworthy credit broker will deduct the fees from the loan paid out and will not issue a separate invoice for fees. If a loan is only approved with prepayment of fees, it is advisable to refrain from doing so, since this is generally not a reputable and trustworthy provider and it can well happen that the loan granted according to the statements does not come after the fees have been paid is disbursed. A trustworthy provider accepts collateral in the form of real assets, but also a guarantee from relatives or friends whose creditworthiness is sufficient or whose physical assets are convincing in return and cover the total amount of the loan.

So the right loan can be easily found

So the right loan can be easily found

With a comparison on the Internet, as well as reading reviews from other borrowers, it is easy to find a cheap loan that is not subject to prepayment claims. Since the interest rates vary enormously and not every loan is suitable for all applicants despite credit bureau entry at no cost, your own ideas should be included in the decision as clear goals. When comparing, general conditions, flexibility and interest rates should be given equal consideration and selected as a selection criterion. The online application for credit, despite the credit bureau entry without any upfront costs, has numerous advantages and is paid particularly quickly.

Applicants will be informed of a successful approval within 24 hours of the application submitted online and can therefore preclude long waiting times in uncertainty. Private financiers or independent financial intermediaries create an opportunity to obtain a loan even with poor creditworthiness and unemployment and to secure it with actual values. All offers that involve the applicant with payment of preliminary costs should be avoided due to security and should not be considered for closer selection. Reputable providers do not charge any fees before paying out.

How to calculate the mortgage installment?

A mortgage decision is one of those you usually take once in your life. It would be comfortable to make your dreams come true and achieve your goals, which can be building a house or buying an apartment. So, how to prepare for formalities related to the mortgage and how to calculate its installment? You will read below.

Table of Contents What are the types of loans? What is a mortgage? Where to look for a good mortgage? Who can take a mortgage and how to do it? How to calculate the mortgage installment and what are its costs?

What are the types of loans?

What are the types of loans?

There are various loan classifications. Among the basic divisions we can indicate commodity and money. We will focus mainly on cash, among which we can mention loans:

  • retail – used by individual customers
  • working capital and investment – for entrepreneurs

And among the retail customers most often used are:

  • personal account loan
  • of consumer
  • lombard
  • mortgage

Below we will discuss the mortgage, which is today the most popular financial product that customers use to buy real estate.

What is a mortgage?

What is a mortgage?

A mortgage is a bank loan that is taken for a very long time. It will be secured by a mortgage which is established in favor of the bank that grants the loan. The security is established on the perpetual usufruct right or on the property ownership right. It is important that the property is . Usually, he is contracted to implement an investment, such as building a house, buying an apartment, etc. The borrower will vouch for his assets and income – both present and future.

Where to look for a good mortgage?

Where to look for a good mortgage?

At present, there is a very large selection of banks, after meeting the appropriate conditions, are able to grant such a loan. This is a commitment that we make for many years, so you should carefully consider the offers of various banks to choose a solution tailored to our capabilities. The amount of own contribution, the amount of the installment and the number of years for which we will repay the commitment are the basic data that should be taken into account, but not all – we will talk about them below. However, they are so important that they should be a serious indicator when choosing a specific offer. Before we decide in which bank we will apply for a mortgage, it is also worth considering the opinions of family and friends who have already used this product. The hint can be so valuable that it will be easier for us to decide in which direction to go.

Who can take a mortgage and how to do it?

Who can take a mortgage and how to do it?

The terms of granting a mortgage usually constitute a comprehensive chapter in the regulations of a given bank. The basic conditions include creditworthiness and the amount of solid income we generate every month. In order for our credibility to be higher, it is worth ensuring a clean credit history, giving up, among others, ideas for setting up credit cards and thus consumption on credit, i.e. one that you can not afford. Own contribution is also an important element. When applying for a mortgage at the moment, you should take into account that the bank will demand from us about 20% of the value of the property that you want to buy. This is to substantiate the fact that it is highly likely that we will be able to repay the commitment. And the greater our own contribution, the less we will have to pay back the loan (interest on the loan and capital installments). We also remember that before the mortgage is established, you can temporarily secure the loan, including surety by a third party (who has creditworthiness), insurance, a promissory note or blocking of funds on the account.

How to calculate the mortgage installment and what are its costs?

How to calculate the mortgage installment and what are its costs?

There are many algorithms for calculating the mortgage, and this is related to the bank’s regulations in which we decide to take the loan after we know its costs.

And what costs it can be:

  • first of all, the bank’s commission
  • notary public costs according to notary tax
  • establishing a land and mortgage register on the property
  • insurance (life and accident)
  • the cost of establishing a mortgage
  • total cost of credit
  • any contractual penalties
  • additional fees

And how do we calculate the mortgage installment? First you need to collect basic data, i.e. the amount of the loan, annual interest rate, number of installments to be repaid, the total amount to be repaid. If we collect basic data so as not to make mistakes in counting, you can start by using the available online calculators, which will be exactly able to indicate how much the mortgage installment will be.

If we want to calculate for ourselves what the monthly cost will be, we warn you in advance that it will be quite complicated. Because it is necessary to count separately the part related to capital and the part related to interest. But we encourage you to take advantage of the available financial products on the website, where in a simple and transparent way, in a few moments we will get access to personalized offers of financial products. And all online, without leaving home and unnecessary formalities.

Instant loan without a permanent job


According to the current definition, an instant loan is paid out within just two bank working days after the online loan application. This period is necessary for the receipt of the Postident confirmation. It can be reduced to one day by financial institutions licensed in neighboring countries such as Luxembourg, where a photocopy of an ID card is sufficient as legal proof of identity.

The creditworthiness check is done less carefully for instant loans due to the time involved than for loans with long processing times. Some banks refrain from submitting proof of earnings and comparable receipts for instant loans, since an examination is only carried out superficially anyway. This procedure makes it easier for applicants with low income to get an instant loan.

Apply for an instant loan without proof of salary

Apply for an instant loan without proof of salary

Applying for an instant loan without a permanent job promises success if the lender refuses to provide proof of earnings. Despite the unnecessary submission of proof of salary, every financial institution asks for the available income in the loan application. If the borrower does not have a permanent job, but achieves a reasonably equal regular income through temporary work, he can indicate the corresponding amount in the credit form.

Occasionally, applicants succumb to the temptation to apply for an instant loan without a permanent job and to provide too much information about their income. We do not recommend doing this because deliberately incorrect information in the loan application is punishable. As soon as the applicant does not properly repay the instant loan, the credit institution subsequently checks the information provided in the application.

Most banks file a complaint if they discover deliberate misrepresentation. In addition, the credit institution can immediately call for an immediate loan, which is applied for false pretenses, for repayment, even if the amount of repayment arrears actually required for a loan termination has not been reached.

Instant loan with guarantor

Instant loan with guarantor

Not every bank offers a guarantee for instant loans, but offers can still be found. If you want to apply for an instant loan without a permanent job, select one of the few providers for this type of loan and suggest a person with a good credit rating and a regular income as a guarantor. In this case, the loan is granted on the basis of the income and the creditworthiness of the guarantor.

Don’t agree on big rates


Anyone who does not have a permanent job and does various temporary jobs can expect considerable fluctuations in their earnings, even if they have been low in recent months. For this reason, borrowers do not agree on excessively high monthly installments for an instant loan without a permanent job, but opt ​​for an extended loan term.

So that the instant loan does not become excessively expensive, they also obtain several offers and carefully compare the interest rates. It should be borne in mind that an immediate loan is more risky for the bank than a conventional consumer loan and is therefore somewhat more expensive due to the reduced options for checking the documents or because no proof of income is sent.

What is the total cost of a cash loan

The total cost of the cash loan is the sum of many elements. The full amount to be returned to the bank or loan company depends, among others on the amount borrowed, interest, duration of the loan, additional fees charged by the financial institution. The total cost of credit is the first parameter that should be analyzed if you want to take out a loan. How and where to check it?


What is the total cost of the loan?

What is the total cost of the loan?

The cost of the loan consists of the sum of the liability itself as well as all additional charges incurred in connection with the debt. Therefore, to know its amount, you must add the borrowed sum, interest, commissions, margins, taxes, insurance and other additional costs. In determining the final amount to be repaid, the actual annual interest rate, i.e. APRC, is useful. This indicator tells you what the total cost of the loan must be for the customer.


What does the cost of a cash loan depend on?

What does the cost of a cash loan depend on?

When browsing the offers of banks and loan companies, it can often be seen that financial products with the same parameters have different prices. This is because not all cash loans will cost the same. Offers presented by banks and parabanks are prepared individually. People who can boast of high creditworthiness can count on much more favorable conditions, and therefore lower cost of cash loans. If the financial standing or credit history is not very reliable, the bank increases fees, and very often requests additional insurance, e.g. in the event of job loss or temporary inability to do so. This causes the cost of cash loans to increase significantly.

If you want to calculate the cost of credit, also use the creditworthiness calculator.


How to calculate the total cost of a cash loan?

How to calculate the total cost of a cash loan?

The easiest way to know the total cost of a cash loan is to use online loan calculators. Enter all the loan details, such as the amount of the loan, length of loan period, type of installments, etc. in the loan. The online loan calculator will show the total cost of the loan, which will already include interest and additional charges. The result will show the total cost of credit proposed by various banks. Thanks to this, it will be easy to compare offers of various financial institutions and find the best one for you.

Calculating the total price of a cash loan yourself is possible, but not so simple. Laymen unfamiliar with finance and banking will have a problem with that, so it’s easier, faster and safer to use calculators and comparison tools that automatically estimate costs based on an algorithm.

A loan or cash loan is a proven way to quickly raise money for a larger purchase or to meet current needs. However, you must remember that you have to pay back your obligations. Before taking a loan, it is good to assess your options and think about whether paying off the installments will be too much of a burden. Knowing the total cost of the cash loan will help you make a decision in this regard.

Credit Search – Advantages of comparison online

In private as well as in business life, you can unexpectedly find yourself in a situation of having to make an expensive purchase, which is why a loan search is necessary. It can be a new car, the TV breaks, the laptop has to be replaced, but there are also bigger wishes like your own property or even an expansion investment for your own company.

These things usually don’t have to be paid from existing cash, so a loan has to be taken out. Then it is important to carefully compare the terms of different offers. An important parameter in the search for a loan is the interest rate, because it indicates the cost of using a loan.

What types of credit search are there?

What types of credit search are there?

Basically, there are several ways to search for credit. As a rule, you first ask your own bank what conditions and what interest it offers for the required loan. If you are not satisfied with this, the loan search can be extended to other banks in the vicinity. The disadvantage is that you have to ask each bank individually and often personally what interest rates are offered. The relevant comparison portals on the Internet are therefore a far more convenient option.

What are the advantages of comparison portals on the Internet?

What are the advantages of comparison portals on the Internet?

The search for credit using comparison portals on the Internet is particularly quick and very convenient. After entering a few key data, the comparison calculator calculates the cheapest offers. The key indicator is the interest rate. The comparison computers use branch but also direct banks, which only conclude their transactions over the Internet. As a rule, you look for the desired offer, print out the application, sign it and send it to the bank with the required documents. These documents usually include Credit Bureau information and the latest wages and salary slips. The application will be processed and the loan approved within a few days, so that the money will be available within a short time. This speedy processing naturally requires that the borrower’s creditworthiness is in order.

In addition to fast and convenient processing, comparison portals on the Internet above all offer a high level of transparency because they provide a comparison of the most important banks with their conditions.

Can you Finance a Car While Training

As a basic security, the training contract is already recognized by lessors and lenders. The next three years are financially secure in this case. Also the question is what you can offer the bank as collateral. I advise: save and then buy the car. If you are still in education, it is not easy to get a loan.

Finance a car as an apprentice?

Finance a car as an apprentice?

Your chance depends to a large extent on your economic security. Your internship salary is not enough to pay you, but you can increase your chance with a financially strong guarantor. It is also important if and how much you can deposit from the car and how your account balance will be canceled at the end of the month.

And how long does your training last and what happens after the workout? Unfortunately, I can not say what it’s like after graduation, but my supervisor usually picks up his interns. I could have up to 3000, which I set aside. I almost thought that my wages alone would not be enough, I wanted to look after a guarantee from my family and financial support alone, but I do not think I have to ask for it.

Loans are usually very beneficial for people whose credit rating is particularly well valued by banks.

Loans are usually very beneficial for people whose credit rating is particularly well valued by banks.

These can be calculated with substantially lower interest payments than creditworthiness rated customers. In order to obtain a good credit rating, a regular monthly income is required to a sufficient extent to ensure the repayment of the completed loan.

Anyone who works in the public sector and raises a vehicle finance loan can benefit from his credit rating. The evaluation of this information by the EIB gives a positive assessment of employment in the public sector.

For many apprentices, a car is necessary to get to their training place or vocational school.

For many apprentices, a car is necessary to get to their training place or vocational school.

Of course, none of the banks will finance them an expensive luxury car, but a small loan is quite conceivable. The apprentices will only receive a financing loan for the purchase of a vehicle if their creditworthiness is given. In addition, the training allowance should be of an appropriate amount, since these payments will reimburse the loan installments.

It should also be relatively certain that after completion of the training in an indefinite employment relationship, so that the proper functioning of the car loan is guaranteed. It may also be a surety of the guardians for the loan amount. However, exceptions are physicians and dentists, whose income situation can generally be regarded as good and adequately secured in practice.

Whether they run their own law firm or work as employees, they have a good income and do not have to worry about their jobs or their law firm. Already in the first consultation physicians and dentists should draw attention to their profession and make it clear that they foresee particularly good interest conditions. Only when they can make sure that this condition is met, they should create a car loan at the respective house bank.

Online and direct banks specializing in lending to physicians and dentists can be found online.

Car loan comparison – car loans from 1.9% p.a.

Statistics indicate that about 80 percent of all car buyers borrow to finance their new or used car. It is not always about full financing. Often, only a certain percentage of the purchase price is needed to purchase a new vehicle. It is possible to take the car loan directly from the dealer and his car bank. The auto banks are using low-interest loans or zero-percentage financing. We will take a closer look at these offers. The alternative is to look for yourself a cheap loan on a loan comparison, and then appear at the dealer like a cash payer.

With our free credit comparison, we give you the opportunity to filter out the cheapest of the many offers. After the selection, you can directly click on the bank you favored to apply for your car loan. If it is a credit offer with credit-related interest rates, it makes sense to request a non-binding offer beforehand.

“It is important that you use the purpose, should it be queried again, always on” car loan “click to secure the favorable conditions.”

Why are car loans cheaper?

Why are car loans cheaper?

  • Car loans are standardized loans. For the banks it is important to make the process as lean as possible. In most cases, the borrower assigns his car letter to the bank as collateral. If he can not repay the loan, the bank can resell the car.
  • When financing a fitted kitchen this is not possible without further ado. The banks are passing on the cost advantage of this approach to their customers in the form of lower interest on car loans.

The dealer financing – really so cheap?

The dealer financing - really so cheap?

Autobank calculate economically. If they lend money at extremely low or no interest, they want it back as soon as possible to use it elsewhere. The low-interest loan boosts car sales, but then has to earn money elsewhere. For this reason, the terms for loans from automotive banks are very short, usually three years. Conversely, short maturities mean high rates. Loans from a bank with a longer term relieve the budgets noticeably in comparison. In addition, the credit through the dealer reduces the scope of the buyer in the price negotiations. Anyone who appears as a cash payer usually has the better cards.

Why comparing is important

Why comparing is important

Where there are many different offers, there are different rates of interest. Through our credit comparison, you can find the offer that has the lowest cost of credit. We also consider the approval rates of the providers, which says something about the likelihood that the bank will approve the loan. That too is important, because what good is a good deal if it is probably not usable. It is important that the loan is low-interest and that the framework conditions suit the customer.

An essential aspect in the selection of the loan is the repayment phase. Two points should be noted:

1.) Does the bank provide a free special repayment, if possible in full amount of the remaining debt? A cash gift or the company’s gratuity could be used to prematurely pay off the loan. If the bank waives free special repayments, a one-year prepayment penalty will be payable for a remaining period of more than one year, compared to 0.5 percent for less than one year.

2.) Does the bank offer installment breaks? It can not be ruled out that the borrower will experience financial difficulties. Some institutions allow their clients to pause once or twice a year at the rate. Especially for young families this is a rewarding solution in the run-up to Christmas.

Customers with poor credit ratings do not have such a good chance of getting cheap credit with traditional banks. They are in better hands with the car banks because the lending guidelines are less stringent there. Car banks usually want a down payment as additional security. In addition, the borrowers must deposit the vehicle registration document with the bank during the repayment term.

Monetary tips on car loan

Monetary tips on car loan

Take care of the car loan before buying a car. Go to the dealer as a cash payer. So you save a lot of money, because discounts of ten percent and more are not uncommon.

Use our credit comparison. Try different options when choosing the term until the monthly installment matches your disposable income.

Financing forms for car loans

Financing forms for car loans

Financing a new or used car is the classic example of why consumers take out a loan. While in the past, the auto banks were unrivaled cheap, the sheet has changed in favor of the classic banks in the last five years.

The current level of interest rates is so low that it does not necessarily have to be a car loan from the auto bank.
In addition to the classic installment loan, so-called balloon financing also comes into play for car loans. Similar to leasing, the loan agreement runs for a specific term. Buyer and seller determine the possible residual value of the vehicle at the end of the term. The credit installments are calculated only on the difference between the purchase price and the residual value. In the end, the last installment, the “balloon” remains as the balance. The buyer now has three options:

  • He replaces the last installment, the residual value, in one sum and drives home by car.
  • He takes up a new loan equal to the final installment.
  • He returns the vehicle to the dealer.

The risk is that the actual value is below the agreed residual value. In this case, an additional payment is necessary in any case.


Never spontaneously buy a car on credit. The purchase of a car and the associated credit should always be planned and prepared in advance. Otherwise, you run the risk that by an unnecessarily expensive loan, the laboriously purchased discounts are quickly relativized.

Car loan repayment – fast & cheap solutions

The closing rate is approaching or you as a self-employed want to buy your leasing vehicle?

Do you want to repost your car loan ?

Do you want to repost your car loan ?

But maybe you also want to sell the vehicle and trigger the letter? Many good reasons advise rescheduling.

But, who is the right contact person? With about 5 minutes reading time, we like to explain what matters.

We would like to animate you to actively compare yourself and take advantage of your opportunities.

Vehicle loan repayment – short version

  • You owe your vehicle loan easily and quickly online
  • First, compare car loans in the connected loan calculator
  • Then make sure you check which loan offer suits you best
  • For this you apply – for you without obligation – a car loan from the comparison

Convert car loan – closing rate pushes

Convert car loan - closing rate pushes

Numerous vehicles leave the car dealerships every day. They not only run on wheels, but on small installments.

In other words, the car purchase was paid with a simple final installment loan. Later, to re-credit the car loan, to refinance the final installment, so the seller has claimed is not difficult.

Of course, only in the contract is no guarantee of follow-up financing. But, there are so many offers.

This will convert car loan, the maturity of the final installment, certainly no problem. Unfortunately, many car buyers with a tight budget have to realize that follow-up financing is not always easy.

As soon as the vehicle gets old, banks react reluctantly. The material value is no longer considered safe.

Moreover, the final installment financing has helped to ensure that the final installment is really only the residual value. This puts the mortgage lending value far into the future.

It is only about 60 percent of the dealer EK.

Problem Solving – Final Installment Loan

Problem Solving - Final Installment Loan

In retrospect, everyone is smarter, because the best thing is to conclude final installment loans only with guaranteed follow-up financing. Or, alternatively, apply for a loan with equal maturity and consistent installments.

However, which solution is currently available depends on your personal credit rating. Because, it has to be high enough to bridge the gap between mortgage lending value and final installment.

This would be conceivable with a weaker credit rating due to a somewhat more expensive loan offer. But equally, by a loan with two people.

The creditworthiness of both applicants would be assessed together. Therefore, car loan repayment with two people, usually no problem.

Remortgage car loan – vehicle sales

Most vehicle buyers pay attention to small installments. The alternative to the final installment loan is the long-term auto loan.

Nevertheless, it usually takes only about 3 years, then it irritates the holder to change the vehicle. But how to sell the “old” car?

The letter is still with the bank after all. In payment give the dealer of the Autobank, which is of course possible.

But sold privately, the old car brings a better price. The solution to this problem is easily found online.

For example, the company offers the car loan from 2.79 percent APR. This would allow the “new car” to finance low interest rates.

At the same time, the rescheduling of old loans is permitted. Thus, debt repayment, then the letter in hand, no problem.

The private sale of the end-of-life vehicle is no longer in the way. Special repayments are also allowed at any time free of charge at the company.

Thus, the sales proceeds may reduce the current car loan later.

Purchase a leased vehicle – self-employed

Being self-employed to take advantage of leasing is not only legitimate but also clever. The leasing rate can be deducted completely from the tax.

Nevertheless, at the end of the lease, the vehicle is often an interesting object for private purchase. Most leasing companies allow the purchase to the residual value.

But, reposting car loan, that does not always work as a self-employed. The leasing company does not forgive the loan.

Car loan despite negative credit history

Often everything comes at once. First there is an invoice, you do not have the time, sometimes you do not have the money to take care of it.

In the end, the reputation is spoiled. The remark has a negative entry.

Ok, paid and “sponge over it”, that does not work so easy. Pay yes, the entry receives the note paid, but more does not change.

Because, the negative entry remains visible. Thus, the chances of being able to repatriate the car loan by regular means are waning.

In this case, most banks shy away from debt restructuring, like the “devil’s holy water”. But there is again a solution from the net.

Despite negative remark, a loan from Bank, more precisely extra-credit, would come into question. 

Repurge car loan without remark

With negative remark and without a payment note, the banking centers in Germany are more like “Fort Knox” than a place of “welcome culture”. Also connected are all relevant providers with the remark.

This effectively excludes a loan without remark from Germany. Credit from the circle of friends once excluded.

All in all, advertising with foreign credit without remark lures Germans. Legal comes this offer from the Sigma credit bank from Liechtenstein.

It would be possible car loan debt in the amount of 3,500 euros, 5,000 euros or 7,500 euros. It offers remark free credit without earmarking and without insurance.

So the letter can go into the drawer. But, the requirements are high.

Cleverer and more promising would be, if financially not everything is in the towel, another way. An emergency plan, because hardly anyone can do without his car.

A way out in an emergency – how and why?

Ask a friend or family for help. This friend could take the loan in his own name.

Please not as guarantor, otherwise it will be expensive. An unmanageable risk, he goes with his help to car loan debt still not.

Because he holds the letter in his hands. It makes sense, the vehicle is also registered in his name.

This protects it from other creditors. He could then offer the letter as security of the bank as well.

Thus, all regular, so low-interest loans, open again. Because, instead of spending a lot of money on a risk loan, the savings are better spent in the eradication.

Regretting car loan on this detour should still be the exception. Only if there is no other way, this possibility is a real lifeline.

Three advantages you should consider about car loans

Car loan

Car loan

When buying a car, the option to apply for a loan is one of the most feasible and for which more Colombians are encouraged. Despite having the option to buy it in cash, the credits are specialized products that have different advantages and in this case, these are four of the main ones:

Credits different advantages

Credits different advantages

1. Include other benefits
Auto loans usually come with the respective insurance that will protect the vehicle in case of an accident. You can choose this separately or accept the one that the bank wishes to grant you. But they also usually come with the free insurance or some other type of additional benefit.

2. Interest rates are friendlier
As they are specialized products, they tend to have friendlier rates than other types of loans, in addition to quite convenient terms, which allow you to finance without having to risk your entire budget.

3. Continue to build credit history
By paying your credit on time, continue to form a positive credit history and prove that you are a customer worth trusting. This will allow you to access better interest rates and more personalized products.

4. The car is the pledge
Although for many this is a disadvantage, in reality, it is a positive point, since under this mechanism you will have very much in mind that being late in your credit payments is not an option, and that way you will maintain a healthy score.

Remember that when looking for one of these credits there are many options and before choosing it is ideal to compare the alternatives. How to do it? Making use of our auto loan comparator.